Friday, May 30, 2014

An Introduction to the Animals

As May draws to a close, we are now about to enter summer. After a grueling winter, summer seems to be welcomed by even the snow-lovers in the state. Of which I am not one. I'm a summer girl, through and through. A bit of snow around Christmas and maybe in January, but after that I'm ready for the sun to come back.

This first post could be a lot more formal, but as I'm sure you'll discover, I am not a formal person. I also don't do well with schedules, so I'm only going to post here when I can.

Now for pictures! Since I don't have good pictures of the Orchard Family themselves just yet, I'll introduce you to some of the animals.

Bobbin, one of the more assertive cats.

The Cats -- A complicated family, with members that more or less tolerate each other in an aloof existence that mainly revolves around the barn. The only thing they have in common is their dislike of the dog.

A few noteable members of the Cat Regime are Nancy, Bobbin, and Lucy.

Caleb, the Orchard Family dog.

The Dog -- Caleb. Which means dog in Hebrew, I think. Caleb is a French Spaniel and absolutely gorgeous. He's a medium size, quite stocky, and spends most of his time bounding about in search of adventure.

I think this is Romeo. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The Chickens  -- There are over a hundred of them, now, and have separated themselves into three different factions, comprising of a passel of hens ruled over by a rooster. There's Romeo, Higgins, and the most recent addition, Colonel Klink. Tensions are brewing between these three factions, however, since the problems with outside invaders (foxes and weasel barbarians) have been dealt with.

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