Meet The Orchards

Ma and Pa Orchard
My wonderful Aunt and Uncle. The founders and runners of the family fruit farm.

Jonny Orchard
Eldest son. He likes big farm vehicles, and owns Big Blue, the truck. He also tends the corn and oversees operations when Pa Orchard isn't around.

Kate Orchard
Eldest daughter. Kate looks after the berry patches and chickens, and when she can, grows lovely flowers.

Sarah Orchard
Second daughter. Cook extraordinaire! Always ready with a good meal for the hungry workers, and a cake for every birthday.

Rachie Orchard
Third daughter. Helpful wherever needed, and assistant chicken caretaker.

David Orchard
Youngest kid. A quick learner, doted on by the rest of his family. Shares his big brother's love of tractors and combines and trucks. In fact, he knows more about them than I do. And he's four years old.

The Orchards' hired hand. He's a hard worker, and a handsome one at that.

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