Meet the Cousins (That's Us!)

That's me! The author of this blog. I'm known for being a lover of sunshine, barefeet, and raspberries. When I have time, I like to go out to the Orchard Family Farm and help Kate with the various and sundry chores. It also does wonders for my tan.

I'm trying to convince Pippin to write her own little bio here, but she keeps 'forgetting' to do it. So I suppose I'll do it for her. For now. Pippin is my little sister and she has a wonderful eye for visual beauty. She draws and photographs and makes lovely cards for birthdays. Out of everyone in my family, she is the angel. Eager to serve and never without a smile and a song, Pippin brightens everyone's day whenever she's around.

Percy and Seph
Our dashingly handsome brothers. Percy works part time out at the farm with Dana, and occasionally Seph tags along to help, as well. Heavy lifting, muscles. That sort of thing.

Our bookworm sister who surfaces at odd times between novels to eat Sarah Orchard's famous cookies and offer encouraging book quotes to the workers.